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“On behalf of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals and the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, we are so pleased and proud to congratulate you and the more than 4000 other members of the 2012 Capital Pro Bono Honor Rollfor your remarkable pro bono service to our neighbors in need. Through your combined work, an elderly couple avoided homelessness; a survivor of domestic violence finally confronted her abuser in court; a detainee won his freedom and touched U.S. soil for the first time uncuffed; a tenant association purchased the building where most of its members have lived all their lives; a recently discharged veteran received his rightful benefits; a seriously ill man has now been approved by his insurance company to receive a lung transplant; and so many other individuals, families, non-profits and small, disadvantaged businesses received critical access to counsel who helped lift them to a better place.With the support of the D.C. Access to Justice Commission and the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Program, the Court’s Capital ProBono Honor Roll recognizes the contributions of those D.C. Bar members and others authorized to perform pro bonowork in D.C. who self-report that they completed 50 hours or more of pro bono service over the course of the last calendar year, which satisfies their obligation under Rule 6.1 of the D.C. Rules of Professional Conduct.In only its second year, we are delighted that almost 4100 attorneys reported performing 50 hours or more of pro bonowork in 2012. Even more impressive, over 2400 of those attorneys reported performing 100 hours or more of pro bonowork in 2012, qualifying them for inclusion in the High Honor Roll.
Again we congratulate you and the other 2012 honorees, who make us all proud to be part of a profession that grasps that our neighbors matter… and then does something about it.”

– Eric T. Washington, Chief Judge
District of Columbia Court of Appeals

– Lee F. Satterfield, Chief Judge
Superior Court of the District of Columbia

“You are a great lawyer. Thank you. I can’t thank you and Lauren enough. More Power and God Bless. “
– Michelle

“C, a citizen of the Philippines, married her US citizen husband, W, in December 2004. The marriage took place in the Philippines. C and her husband continued to live in the Philippines until February 2007, when they moved to the US. At this time, W filed a petition in order for C to have legal status in the US. W ultimately became involved with drugs and became extremely physically and verbally abusive to C. W stopped working and as a result, they were evicted from their apartment. They also lost contact with USCIS, and the processing of C’s immigration paperwork. Although this was a challenging VAWA case with a complex procedural history, pro bono attorney Schantell Comegys was successful in securing the grant of I’s VAWA Self-Petition. Congratulations!”

– published in Tahirih Justice Center December Newsletter

“Kudos to Schantell Comegys for obtaining an extension of her client’s CPO. We really appreciate your hard work! Great job!”

“Kudos to Schantell Comegys and Nanci Bramson for obtaining a settlement agreement on the day of trial on behalf of a client who sought to modify an out-of-state custody agreement to give her sole decision-making authority for the parties’ young child and to revise the visitation arrangements due to the father’s relocation. By preparing a strong case for trial, Nanci and Schantell were able to negotiate a very favorable settlement agreement for the client.”

Counselor Comegys is a consummate professional. During our case, she provided timely communications and mediation on our behalf with the opposing party. Upholding the highest ethical standards, she insisted on establishing viable agreements with the opposing party and guided us regarding our legal options, potential consequences, and proper court room proceedings. She is our go-to legal representative and we recommend her without hesitation.

– Client Brock

Of your time effort of helping me and to other people. I can’t say Thank you enough for helping me. More Power and God Bless.

– Client I. Hills


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